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Tegan Quinnell


Isabella Nobel

Speech Therapy

Poppy O'Reilly


Cert 3 Early Childhood Education

Karen Robinson

Cert 3 

Early Childhood Education

Graduate Diploma of Teaching

Izzy Laird

Cert 3 

Early Childhood and Education

At East Lismore Community Preschool we strive to maintain the high level of staff experience, enthusiasm and commitment to caring, nurturing and responsive relationships - with families, children and each other. 

Management Committee

Our preschool operates under a community-based not-for-profit model of management. This means that we have a management committee (currently comprised of parents of enrolled preschool children) and, any profits made by the preschool are fed back into the service. Our preschool is an incorporated association. This is the preschool’s business structure.


The management committee is responsible for the overall monitoring of the performance of the organisation.  Collabetivley with the team the service's philosophy was created. The committee and the Management Team set the strategic directions of the organisation, that is, develop the service’s strategic plan, appoint and monitor the performance of the Director, ensure staff are employed in accordance with industrial obligations, ensure compliance with legal obligations, ensure the ongoing financial viability of the service, monitor and evaluate the service’s performance against the strategic plan, enhance the profile of the service in the community and recruit and orient new committee members.

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